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Hohhot Dazhao Temple

Hohhot Dazhao Temple Travel Guide

Located in the old urban area of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia; Dazhao Temple is a Tibetan Buddhist temple belonging to the Gelug Sect (yellow Religion).Built in 1580, the temple is the earliest Lamaism temple built in Hohhot, and also a temple without "living Buddha". Because Emperor Kangxi lived here for several days, in order to show respect for the emperor, monks canceled the reincarnation rules of living Buddha. The splendid temple buildings, precious cultural relics and works of art, as well as the mysterious -- "Qiamu Dance" with Buddhist music constitute the unique "temple culture of Dazhao" . The main hall of Dazhao is the only Lama Temple in the style of combination of Han and Tibetan. In the middle of the Buddha Hall, there is a 2.55-meter-high silver Buddha statue. Therefore, the Dazhao temple is also known as the "Silver Buddha Temple". In front of the silver Buddha, there is a sky pillar with flying dragons on it. On the left and right of the silver Buddha are the bronze statues of zongkaba and Dalai Lama III and IV respectively. Silver Buddha, Dragon carving and mural are the "three wonders", which are the historical relics of Ming Dynasty, they are the treasures of Dazhao temple, also the highlights you should not miss. "Qiamu Dance" is a Buddhist activity of Dazhao, it has many meanings, such as fighting ghosts and exorcising evil spirits, celebrating the harvest and wishing good luck and good intentions. You could see the dance in Lunar Jan. and Jun.

DCT Tips:

Entrance Ticket: RMB35
Openning: 8:00-18:00

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