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Gegentala Grassland

Gegentala Grassland Travel Guide

Gegentala Grassland is 140 km to downtown Hohhot,it is the closest grassland to Hohhot. Every August, Nadam tourism is held, which is also an excellent time for summer vacation.
Gegantala is Mongolian, which means "vast and bright Grassland". Here you could experience the daily activities include: horse racing, Mongolian wrestling, equestrian performance, bonfire party, etc.

- Oboo Sacrifice
Since ancient times, through the annual sacrifice of Oboo, the Mongolian people have inherited the moral concept of harmony between human and nature. Everyone should regards the reverence of life, the cherishing of ecology and the harmony of nature as their bounden duty. The sacrificie is held every lunar year May 13.
The center of sacrifice is Gegen Chagan Oboo, which was consecrated by the Shaman and Buddhist eminent monk. It is an oboo with spirituality. The other 12 small oboos are centered on Chagan Oboo, which are distributed on the circumference regularly. Mongolian people have always advocated the number "13", which is considered as both the starting point of success and the symbol of good luck. The 13 Oboos has a profound meaning: "10" is an integer, which means integration, "3" is a whole number, which means the unity of heaven, earth and human.
At the beginning of the sacrifice, the main priests beat drums and jumped out, chanted poems to worship the heaven, prayed for the prosperity and vitality of the earth, and kept away from evil. At the same time, lamas played music and recited their sutras, praying for peace and happiness in the world. At this moment, the herdsmen prayed to the gods with great piety: good weather, prosperity of people and animals, and frequently raised the bucket or food in their hands, shaking clockwise, shouting "hooray".

The "Nadam" Congress is a grand gathering of the Mongolian, Ewenki, Daur and other ethnic minorities living in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. "Nadam" is a transliteration of Mongolian, which means "entertainment" and "game". It is held in summer and autumn every year. Archery, horse racing and wrestling are the three traditional men's events in Nadam convention.
The Nadam of Gegentala is in every Augest. Here you could not only enjoy the traditional events, but also enjoy the traditional food, trading and bonfire party.


140 km to downtown Hohhot

Gegentala Grassland- local people

Gegentala Grassland- local people

Gegentala Grassland2

Gegentala Grassland3

Gegentala Grassland-sunset

Gegentala Grassland-oboo sacrifice

Gegentala Grassland6

Gegentala Grassland-Nadam

Gegentala Grassland8

Gegentala Grassland9

Gegentala Grassland10

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