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Zhaojun Tomb

Zhaojun Tomb Travel Guide

Zhaojun Tomb, also known as "Green Tomb", is the tomb of Wang Zhaojun, who make peace with attila of north minority hun in the border areas of ancient Han Dynasty by marriage , recorded in historical records and folklore. And the Zhaojun Tomb is also a museum about her story and history.

Zhaojun is a famous beauty in ancient times. People often describe the beauty by "making the fish sink and wild goose fall". The "make wild goose fall" refers to Wang Zhaojun. During the reign of emperor Yuan of Han Dynasty (around 54 A.D), the north nomads'attila ask the emperor for a marriage, in order to keep peace in the border area. Zhaojun was the girl who married with attila. On a autumn day, Zhaojun farewell to her hometown; on the way to the North, she played the sad song. The wild geese fly from the north to the south heard the melody and saw her beauty in the sky, they forgot to swing their wings and fell to the ground. Since then, Zhaojun's beauty was famous for "make wild goose fall".

DCT Tips:

Entrance ticket: RMB50/person, the fee include a show named "Zhaojun's Predestined Love".
Openning: 8:00-18:00

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