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Qiyun Mountain

Qiyun Mountain Travel Guide

Mt. Qiyun is famous for its status in Taoism culture and cloud sea, you might see cloud sea in half the time of a year (morning, 6:00 - 11:00 am); and because of the cloud sea, Qiyun Mountain was selected as Taoism holy land named "White Mountain".
Except the magnificent scenery, you could discover the Taoism culture here, the tomb of Taoism grandmaster Zhang San Feng, Taoism temple such as Yuxu Temple, Taisu Temple, Yuehua Street, Wangxian Pavilion, abode of Taoist priest such as Zhenxian Cave and cliff inscription in Yunya Lake are the highlights.
Here you could see few visitors, it is a peaceful and quiet place.

Useful Information:
Ticket price:
CNY 75/person (Mar. - Nov.)
CNY 55/person (Dec. - Feb.)
Cable car:
CNY65/person (single way)
CNY40/person (round way)
Scenic spots shuttle bus:
CNY35/person (single way, not suggest to take this, because you should only walk a few minutes to the spots)
Openning time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Seasonal sights:
In spring, the canola season (late Feb. to Apr.), you could enjoy canola Eight Diagrams on the foot of the mountain from Souzi Cave.


1. You could take middle bus from New Huangshan Bus Station to Yi County or Qimen County and ask the driver to stop in Qiyun Shan (Mt. Qiyun). The bus will depart very 10 minutes, the price is CNY6/person, but the bus will rise in price during Chinese public vacation such as Spring Festival, National Day, etc.
2. You could rent a car from downtown Huangshan City. The price due to your schedule.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time: Three hours.

Cloudy Qiyun Mountain

Cloudy Qiyun Mountain

Walking on the peaceful steps

Ruins of Taoism in Qiyun Mountain

Eight Diagrams in Spring

Tian Tai Peak

Hui Style House on Mt. Qiyun

Taoist Temple

Ruins of great Taoist master Zhang San Feng

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