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Tang Mo Village

Tang Mo Village Travel Guide

Near Shexian County, a village called Tang Mo is another typical spot to explore the Huizhou dwellings culture.
It is a unique village of tranquility and inspiration. The age-old pavilions at its entrance, the old trees, the memorial arches and a tranquil river cut through it, all present an amicable earthly paradise that brings man into harmony with nature.

The residential houses in the village were built in the earlier Qing and were a microcosm of the charming scenery of the Western Lake (a picturesque spot in Hangzhou). An octagonal tri-eaved pavilion at the entrance to the village is of typical ancient style. Several minutes westwards is a memorial arch (Tongbao Hanlin Arch), which displays the grandeur and exquisite craftsmanship of artisans.

Tang Gan Yuan Garden in Tangmo is a must for each visitor. Right beside the entrance, a pair of tablets have fancy inscriptions, which record the building of the garden. A cobble pavement extends forwards to a great hall. The spirit tablets of two Qing officials are enshrined. After several minutes walk, the "Quegao Jingshe" - the grand main hall in the garden, exhibits fancy bonsai.

A long corridor zigzags through the central yard for about one hundred meters. Further to north is another pavilion named "Jing Ting (Mirrior Pavilion)". On the marble parapets, pictures were engraved in relief. Also in the garden, inscriptions of the noted calligraphists lure many lovers of oriental culture.


It takes 1.5 hours from Huangshan city to there by bus

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.

A girl is painting in Tang Mo

A girl is painting in Tang Mo

Shui Kou, an Fengshui style, is the key of Tang Mo

You could see water in every street of Tang Mo

An old well in Tang Mo

Typical Yangtze style corridor

Local people are washing in the river

Green of Tang Mo

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