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Jiangmen Travel Guide

Jiangmen Feature Food

Jiangmen feature food belongs to Cantonese cuisine, mainly cooking in seafood and game meat. In Jiangmen prefecture, feature food is different in different towns and villages of Jiangmen prefecture, such Rice noodle in Enping county, Dog meat in Kaiping county, Roasted goose in Xianhui district of Jiangmen city. The most famous snacks in Jiangmen prefecture are congee, Cantonese dessert and snails.
Jiangmen_congee with seafood.jpg

Dog meat in Kaiping county
Dog meat is favorite dish of local residents in Jiangmen prefecture, especially dinners in Kaiping county. The best dog meat is produced in Zhenghua, Longtang and Lougang. In Cikan ancient town, steamed dog meat is with fired bean curd stick and black beans.
Jiangmen_Dog meat2.jpg

Rice noodle in Enping county
Rich noodle is the main staple food of local people in Enping county, famous for its special flavor, especially unique of eating with sugar liquor. The noodle is smooth, tasty in fresh and sweet.
Jiangmen_rice noodle.jpg

Roasted Goose in Xianhui district of Jiangmen city
Roasted Goose is well-known specialty in Xianhui district of Jiangmen city. It is said that the cuisine cooking by the palace recipe in Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).The goose is with flavor of crispy outside but sweet and rich inside.
Jiangmen_roasted goose.jpg

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