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Jilin Travel Guide

Jilin Feature Food

As one part of Northeast cuisine in China, Jilin cuisine is characteristic of substantial and lavish and with good moral name in Chinese. The main staple foods in Jilin are both rice and wheat. Because of the serve cold weather in winter here, Jilin people are keen on Hot pot; Sliced Boiled Pork Hot pot is one of the most popular dishes. Shandong cuisine is favorite dish to Jilin people with influence of immigrants in Qing Dynasty. Among the minorities’ cuisine in Jilin, Manchu cuisine and Korea cuisine gain high reputations including boiled port and blood sausages in Manchu cuisine and cold vegetables, beef cuisine, dog meat and pickled vegetable in Korea cuisine.
boiled pork and blood saugsage.jpg
Sweet and Sour Pork (in Chinese: Guo Bao Rou)
Guo Bao Rou is a typical Northeast dish which is made of pork fillets in sweet and fresh flavor. It is very suitable to eat and increased appetite in hot summer. You can find this dish in most restaurants of Northeast China. 

Korean Cold Noodles
Korean Spicy cold noodle, also name in Naeng myun and naengmyoen, is a traditional Korea dish in northeast China. The noodle is flexible and chewy, cool and fresh, costs cheap but taste delicious. It is one of the never miss dish for tour in northeast China. Visitor can take the Cold noodles in Korea restaurants around all corners in Jilin City
jilin_korea cold noodle.jpg

Steamed Chicken with Ginseng
Ginseng, as one of the Three Treasures in Northeast China, is a kind of valuable tonic in Jilin. The dish is made of prepared chicken and nice ginseng, steamed together with broth. This dish is nutritious and delicious.
jilin_stewed chicken with ginseng.jpg

Manchu Three Set of Bowls Banquet
The banquet originated in Liaoning province of Qing Dynasty and wide-spread in northeast China later including sixteen or eight cold dishes, three big courses and twelve other dishes including fired or braised dishes and soup.
An example menu of Manchu Three Set of Bowls Banquet for your reference:
Eight cold dishes: Cold Mixed Beancurd Skin with Meat, Marinated Jellyfish and Whelks, Egg Rolls with Powder Intestinal, Stewed Pig Knuckle and Beef in Brown Sauce, Crispy Pork and Gingko with Sugar Sauce, Sausages, Blood Sausages and Pig Tripe, and Pork Skin Jelly.
Three main big courses: Braised Pig Knuckle in Brown Sauce, Sautéed Sea Cucumber with Scallion and Boiled Fish with Gravy.
Twelve other dishes including fired or braised dishes and soup: Chicken Rolls, Fired Jellyfish, Braise vegetables, Boiled Shrimps, Steamed Egg White, Sautéed Diced Chicken with Chili Pepper, Fried Chicken Breast, Boiled Fish, Boiled Sliced Abalone, Fish Maw and Chicken, Boiled Nostoc Commune, Fish Soup, Cold Jelly, Crispy Water Chestnut Cake, Fired Cake and Steamed Three Delicacies Dumpling
Three sets of bowl feast.jpg


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