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Karakuri Lake

Karakuri Lake Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Karakuri Lake, known as the father of glaciers, sits at an elevation of 3600 meters and it is located at the foot of Mount Maztagata.

It is an unspoiled place like Shangri-La with its dramatic and spectacular natural scenery. The lake is surrounded by a series of mountains. At the lakefront, there is grassland with roaming flocks and herds.

A reception center near the lake facilitates rentals, yachts, camels, horses etc. in accordance with your needs. In addition, if you want to climb mountains, the encampment for mountaineering can allow you to fulfill your wish.

At dawn, Karakuri Lake looks as pure as a jade mirror. When the sun rises, the lake changes colors in the course of a few minutes from mauve to golden and then to light pink. The surface of the lake reflects the snow-covered peaks of Mount Muztagata. Hikes and walks around here are refreshing, especially in summer when flowers bloom and the air is fresh and pleasant.

There are yurts and frame houses of Tajik ethnic group providing rooms and board for visitors at the lakeside. You can also go out on the small rafts and enjoy yourselves on the lake.


It is 140km away from the county£¬you can go there by renting jeep.

DCT Tips:

The Best Visit Time for a Visit: August,September.

If you want to spend another day here, you can stay in the Mongolia ger (CNY 40 per person) or in the brick house (CNY50 per person).

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