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Tomb of Xiangfei

Tomb of Xiangfei Travel Guide

The Tomb of Xiangfei is the most magnificent tomb in Kashgar, filled with history and symbolism.

Tomb of Xiangfei,known as the Xiang Fei (Fragrant Comcubine) Tomb, is in memory of Abakh Khoja´s grand-daughter, Iparhan. She was the Fragrant Comcubine of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. After she died, her remains were carried by sedan chair back to Kashgar.

The tomb was built around 1640 as the familial cemetery of Abakh Hoja, the son of the missionary who brought Sufism to Kashgar. The buildings exhibit both Uygur and Arabic architectural styles as well as some Buddhist symbols.

At the site, the main tomb hall is situated in the east. It´s huge dome and tall minarets dominate the site. There are also three mosques and a teaching hall on the grounds.


You can go there by taxi at the downtown for about CNY 20.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.

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