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Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land Travel Guide

It is believed to hold the world’s most imposing red earth, located in the northeast of Kunming. Even the people living there are not so aware or familiar with its existing beauty. But for those who have seen the pictures of the Red land, no one can resist being attracted to its beautiful scenery! Just like a painting of a great magnificent landscape.
The soil contains such components as oxidized iron and different kind of metallic minerals, after a long period of oxidation, gradually added and mixed in the soil that produced this extra-ordinary reddish brown soil.
Here major plants are canola, potato, oats and corn etc. When getting to the blossom season, each crop’s flower makes the colorful painting.

Scenic Spots:
Damakan Village: Looking down at the Damakan Village in the morning, you will enjoy the smoke from the kitchen chimneys, morning frogs above the red lands and clouds.
Qicaipo: You can enjoy the different colors of the earth here, especially the dawn and sunrise.
Yuepuao:You can see the rural sceneries with well-arranged villages scattering around the red land.
Xiantang: Xiantang is called the grandest and most mysterious red land in Dongchuan District.
Luoxia Gou: Sunset is the most attracted scenery in “Luoxia gou”, but rare opportunity to see such burn cloud because of weather and season.

With gorgeous and colorful hues, the Dongchuan red land is favored by backpackers, hikers and photographers. It is seldom visited by general tourists for its remoteness and inadequate lodging facilities.


It is in the northeast of Kunming, taking about 2.5-3 hours driving from Kunming.

DCT Tips:

Travel Line:
1. Take a bus at Kunming Northern Passengers’ Station. The reference ticket price is 34 Yuan per person.
2. Drive along Kunming-Qujing Expressway---Kunming-Songming Expressway—Songming Expressway—Songdai Expressway---Longtang Exit—Dongchuan District
This travel line takes about 3 hours and Dongchuan District is 159 km from Kunming.
Best Time to Visit: from mid-May to early-June and from mid-October till November each year

Dama Kan in Dongchuan Red Land

Dama Kan in Dongchuan Red Land

Beautiful color of Dongchuan

The colorful scenery of Red Land

Red earth and green plan in Dongchuan

Lands along the mountain in Luoxiagou of Dongchuan

Morning fog in Dongchuan

Yellow is another color in Dongchuan

palette land in Dongchuan

windmill help you to get more beauty elements in Dongchuan

Totaly red earth without plants in Dongchuan

Amazing view in Dongchuan

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