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Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate Travel Guide

Totally cut on a natural precipice, with an elevation of 2,500 meters, 8 kilometers west of Kunming city, the Dragon Gate is the highest temple on the West Hill.

It was said, "Once on the Dragon Gate, your fortune will be made." However, the tourists who are attracted to Dragon Gate is not just for this reason. It is famous for its spectacular view. Climbing up the winding old stone stairs leading to the natural cliff-top platform, passing through an archway on which is inscribed "Longmen" (Dragon´s Gate), many inscriptions and steles are found here and there.
You will have a birds-eye-view of Kunming city and the Dianchi Lake. The marvelous Dragon Gate Grotto complex was chiseled out through 72 years hard work, much appreciated in the mystical story widely circulating among the people.
Besides, there are many legends about the Gate. It will make you journey more enjoying.


The easiest way to reach the Dragon Gate is by taxi from the city center for 40 minutes, which should cost about CNY 30. From the downtown, bus No.5 or 6 can also take you to there.

Cliff path and caving in Dragon Gate

Cliff path and caving in Dragon Gate

View from cable car to Dragon Gate.

San Qing Jing means you abandon the annoyance from here

More caving on the cliff in Longmen

Great view to see Longmen Gate on the cliff

View Dainchi Lake from Dragon Gate

Feature of Taoism in Longmen's cliff

Xiaoniu Spring in Dragon Gate

You could not see the path you just walk through in Longmen

Temple halls are not large on the cliff of Dragon Gate

Xuguang Pavilion of Longmen

More cliff caving by ancient visitors to Dragon Gate

Lingxiao Baoge means you could walk to the sky from here

The gate of Longmen

Almost all path in Dragon Gate are digged from the cliff

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