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Grand View Pavilion

Grand View Pavilion Travel Guide

Located 7 kilometers west of downtown Kunming, at the lake shore of Dianchi Lake, the Grand View Pavilion was built in 1682, by a Buddhist monk named Qianyin. But it had been in disarray, destroyed and restored several times because of the dynastic changes and the civil wars.
Decorated with flying eaves and splendid paintings, the present-day pavilion is a square, three-storied pavilion established in 1883. It provides a spectacular view across sparkling Dianchi Lake to the distant Western Hills. Grand View Pavilion (Daguanlou) itself offers great views of Dianchi Lake.
It is also inscribed with a 180 character poem describing the beauty and history of the area. This poem is the longest of its kind in Chinese literature.
The construction of the Tower is that of a typical well-preserved wooden pagoda. Other sceneries like Santan Yingyue, Louwailou and Lu Garden, also beautiful places, deserve a visit.


The Park is 3km away from the city center. Bus No.52 runs between the park, the airport and other sites. The park can also be reached by taking buses No.4 and No.54.

Da Guan Pavilion

Da Guan Pavilion

The board of Grand View Pavilion

The seagulls also visit the lake in front of Grand View Pavilion in winter

Walk around Daguanlou

Sunset of Daguanlou

Jinhua Pavilion in Grand View Pavilion park

Take a good rest by the side of the lake of daguanlou

View taking from the 2nd floor of Grand View Pavilion

Photo from the lake to Grand View Pavilion

Winter of Daguanlou

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