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Baisha Frescoes

Baisha Frescoes Travel Guide

Baisha Frescoes is located in Baisha Township, 8km north of the seat of the Lijiang Naxi Nationality Autonomous County. There are some invaluable frescoes stored and preserved and displayed in some venerable temples.
Among of that, the Baisha Frescoes are the best. Most of the frescoes were created from early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D) to the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911A.D) when those beautiful temples were built. These fresco paintings are very special and reflect the different religious cultures and artistic forms of Buddhism, Lamaism, Taoism and the Naxi Dongba religion.

These mural paintings, with their fine and smooth lines, bright colors, vivid pattern and balanced and harmonious composition are a wonderful sight. They are the artistic representations of economic development, mutual acculturation of multinational culture, and the growth of religions.

Openning: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Ticket: RMB30/Person


1. The frescoes are mainly in Dabaoji Temple, Liuli Temple and Wenchang Temple.

2. You could visit here after go to Yulong Snow Mountain.


10 KM north to Lijiang Ancient Town, you could take bus No. 7 to Baisha Village station. And we suggest you to bike there.

Baisha Frescoes 1

Baisha Frescoes 1

Baisha Frescoes 2

Baisha Frescoes 3

Baisha Frescoes 4

Baisha Frescoes 5

Baisha Frescoes 6

Baisha Frescoes 7

Baisha Frescoes 8

Baisha Frescoes 9

Baisha Frescoes 10

Baisha Frescoes 11

Baisha Frescoes 12

Baisha Frescoes 13

Baisha Frescoes 14

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