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Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool Travel Guide

Black Dragon Pool, the Jade Spring Park to the north of Lijiang derives its name from the waters which sparkle like jade and are as clear as spring water. The entire park is green with grass and shaded by swaying willow trees. Under the Shuocui Bridge, a waterfall creates a constant roar as it cascades downstream.

At the far side of the pool, there are renovated buildings used for art exhibitions, the Moon-Embracing Pavilion with its own white marble bridge across the water, and the Five-Phoenix Temple built during the Ming Dynasty.

Openning: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Ticket´╝Ü RMB60/Person (the latest ticket price information please contact us, because from July 2017, the ticket policy are changing all the time)


Take bus No.3,4,8,9

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Black Dragon Pool 1

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