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Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake Travel Guide

Lugu Lake is also called Zuosuo Lake, it is located in the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Province. Its altitude is 2685 meters, the local residents around the lake include 7 minority peoples such as Yi, Pumi, Mongol, ect.  And Moshuo people is a very special group in the area, because Moshuo People still keep its matriarchal society system, so their villages are also  deemed to "Girls Kingdom".  But the blood relationship threes shows that the Moshuo people live by the side of Lugu Lake in Yunnan is Naxi Minority and live by the side of Lugu Lake in Sichuan is Mongol Minority.
Moshuo peple now still keep their male-leaving marrages or named walking marriage -- young people show their love by dancing and singing, and adult Moshuo female will have a private building in her family named "Flower Building", boys and girls if love each other, the boy will try their best to climb to the flower building and stay for whole night. And the child of the girls will have the family name as the mother and grow up with mother, and the boys and girls will not get marry.
Except the special Moshuo people, here we are in Lugu Lake will enjoy fantastic view, here is the main attraction and local villages you should not miss in Lugu Lake:
Mountain of the Goddess
It is also named Lion Mountain, which is the highest mountain around Lugu Lake with the altitude of 3754.7 meters. In lunar April 25, local Moshuo people will offer sacrifices to their goddess, and this culture last more than 1000 years.
You could take cable car to climb the mountain. And on the foot of the mountain is Nisai Village (Lise Village), you could visit them at the same day.
Lijing Eighteen Road Bending Observation Platform
It is on the road side from Lijiang to Lugu Lake,  you could view the amazing 18 road bending on a high observation platform. The platform is free, but the best photo angle will charge RMB10/Person.
The tour bus from Lijiang to Lugu Lake will stop here for a moument.
Observation Platform of Lugu Lake
It is located on the south side of Lugu Lake, near the gate from Lijiang direction. Here is the best place to overlook Lugu Lake or take photo.
Daluoshui Dock and Daluoshui Village
Daluoshui Dock is located in Daluoshui Village which is the long distance bus station from Lijiang, most of visitors from Lijiang will arrive here as their first destination in Lugu Lake.Here you could close to beautiful Lugu Lake, and easily find types of guest house, yoth hostel and boutique hotel.
Here is dock you could rent Moshuo local wood boat touring on the lake or go to the 3 islands on the lake.
Lige Island (Lige Peninsula)
Lige is an Peninsula contact Daluoshui Village, here is the best place to enjoy sunrise and sunset in Lugu Lake. Except Daluoshui, here have the most concentrat local restaurant and hotel. If you take tourism bus from Lijiang, here is the final destination in Lugu Lake.
Locke Island (Xiwa'er Island)
You could take boat from Daluoshui Dock to the island, it will take you 0.5 hour by boat. It is not very popular to visitors, so you will enjoy peace and delication on the island. Walking around the island will take you 2 hours. The island gets its name Locke because of an American botanist Locke, he come and stay in this small island do his research for 8 years. So local Moshuo people call it Locke Island.
Nisai Village (Lise Village)
A very small village with only 14 families on the foot of Mountain of the goddess, it is famous for a tree named Sweetheart Tree. If you have time, walk to Nisai from Lige is a good choice.
Xiao Luoshui (Little Luoshui)
Located just on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan Province, here the Xiaoluoshui Village which has 24 families are known as "the last Village on Lugu Lake", here you could see ancient Moshuo buildings, cultures and life styles. It is the best place to discover Moshuo culture here.
You could only hikking or ren private vehicle from Daluoshui to this village.
Luyuan Cliff
Lugu groundwater outlet, if you take a one day Lugu Lake round lake tour, you will visit here.
The Last Moshuo Rani Palace
Here is the palace of the last Moshuo Rani --XIAO Shuming. The lady is Han nationality girl and merry with local Moshuo guy. As we know, in Moshuo people's mind, female is the backbone of a family, so this Rani XIAO is the last queen in Moshuo area, she governed the Moshuo tribes.
Ocean of Grass (Cao Hai)
There are 10 square meters reed marshes on the east end of Lugu Lake. You will see a different Lugu Lake here.
Boddess Bay
A peace bay face the Mountain of the Goddess, the beast place to take photo by the side of Lugu Lake, and you also should not miss the sunset here.
Openning: all day
Lugu Lake Scenic Area is RMB100/Person (most of the spots in the scenic area are included in this ticket).
Cable car in Mountain of the goddess: RMB92/Person/Single Way
The Last Moshuo Rani Palace RMB20/Person


From Lijiang to Lugu Lake is 250 KM and about 4-5 hours driving.
There are two type of bus:
1. Bus from Lijiang Bus Station, depart at 9:00 am, the destination in Lugu Lake is Daluoshui Village. The bus will not stop on the road and drive directly. The price is RMB100/Person.
2. Tourism Bus will depart from Yuhe Square (Jade River Square) or if you reserved in advance, the bus will pick you up from your hotel; the destination in Lugu Lake include Daluoshui Village and Lige Island. On the way, the bus will stop on Lijing Eighteen Road Bending Observation Platform and Observation Platform of Lugu Lake. the price is RMB100/Person/Single Way, RMB180/Person/Round Trip. The departure time from Lijiang is 8:00 am or ask your hotel in Lijiang. Please note that the tourism bus should book 2 days in advance.
Or you could rent a vehicle, the price will be very different between peak and common season.

DCT Tips:

Or you could choose to take flight to Lugu Lake from Kunming Airport to Ningliang Airport. The flight is once a day except Thursday, by China Eastern Airlines and Juneyao Airlines.

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