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Chuxi Earth Building Group

Chuxi Earth Building Group Travel Guide

Chuxi Earth Building Group is located in Chuxi Village, Xiayang Town, Yongding County/District, Longyan City of Fujian Province. It consist by 5 rounded and 10 quadrate earth buildings. Earth Building is also named Tulou in Chinese, You could not only visit the oldest rouned Tulou named Jiqing Earth Building here, but also climb to the mountains by the side and take a bird's view of whole Chuxi Village.

Jiqing Earth Building

It was built in 1419 AD (Ming Dynasty) by Xu Family. It is an interesting and special eath building because the 72 stairs make Xu family group members live together but with privecy. So many stairs is not popular in tulou style buildings. Jiqing Earth Building is with mortise and tenon joint structure, were not use a nail.

Shanqing Earth Building
The only white earth building in Chuxi Village and the youngest tulou here (built in 1979). The feature is the corridors and courtyard are make by granite.

Shengqing Earth Building
A oblong earth building was built in 1723 - 1735 AD. Shengqing Tulou is 12 meters high (3 floors) with 72 rooms and 4 stairs. Now, there are 12 small family 72 residents living here. As the common to Tulou, the center is ancestral hall, the hall is with many wall-painting. And here is also the home of martial master - XU Jiangong and home of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864) general XU Kai'en.


Except taking our private vehicle to Chuxi, you could take long distance bus from Bin Hu Nan Road Long Distance Bus Station of Xiamen City to Xiayang Town, and transfer local bus to Chuxi Village.

DCT Tips:

You couls stay in Yuqing Earth Building here. This Earth Building Guest House is with private bathroom.

Jiqing Tower, Chuxi Earth Building
Jiqing Tower

Jiqing Tower, Chuxi Earth Building

Jiqing Tower

Look at the sky form earth building

Shengqing Tulou

Walk in the Chuxi Village

Children playing around earth buildings in Chuxi

Chuxi Tulou Group and the blue sky

detail of Jiqing Earth Building

72 stairs tulou named Jiqing

Just look at the stairs much more than other tulous in the area

A normal tulou is with 4 stairs, but Jiqing Tulou has 72.

The inner of Shanqing Earth Building which is the youngest tulou in this area

Shanqing Earth Building is built in 1979.

Inner of Shengqing Squared Earth Building

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