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Longyan Feature Food

Longyan Feature Food

Longyan Cuisine is mainly composed of the Hakkas dishes, which are fresh and natural, with a slightly "salty and oily" taste. An old saying goes: "In Longyan, all chicken dishes and all kinds of soup are thick."  Here we intruduce you some dishes and snack from Longyan, most of them a from the home to Hakka snack - Changting Ancient Town.

Changting Hetian Chicken with Hakka Sweet Ferment Rice

Classic Hakka dish, the feature is choose Hetian Chicken be feed in Changting Area, and cooked with local hakka sweet ferment rice.

Tofu Jiaozi, Changting Style

Use Tofu as Jiaozi (dumpling) wrapper, and the stuffing include: pork belly, champignon, winter bamboo shoots and shallot.

Dried Tofu, Changting Style

A traditional Changting dish with more than 1200 years history. The differences of Changting Dried Tofu with other places is "sour soymilk liquor", and the key is controling the temperature and time when letting the soymilk turn Tofu.

Longyan Yellow Sticky Rice Wine

Except Sticky Rice, Longyan Yellow Wine add more than 30 types of Chinese traditional medicines and use "opened 3 times" way to brew it. Its history could date back to End of Ming Dynasty (around the 17the century).

Liancheng Dried Sweet Potato

Use Liancheng County local red heart sweet potato to steam and dry. The Liancheng Dried Sweet Potato could be stored for several years. You could eat directly or fry it with eggs, flour and sugar as a dish.

Hakka Meat Ball

The meat was beated by hands to muddy flesh, and reshape to meat ball. Hakka Meat Ball keep the flavors of meats, crisp and tasty. You have lots of choices include pork, beef, beef tendon, fish, shrimp, chicken, ect.

Tong Sui with Egg, Tremella and Lotus Seed

Use sugar make sugar water, and put in boil eggs, Tremella and lotus seed togeter, get a special tast.

Deep Fry Chicken, Pork and Shrimp Bat

Use caul wrap the diced and flavoured Chicken, Shrimp, Pork, ham, champignon, eggs, water chestnut and a pork rib; and then deep fry it. It is a typical banquet dish in Changting of Longyan, but now you could tast it as a snack.

Deep Fry Rice and soybean Milk Cake

It is also a traditional snack in Changting of Longyan, the Rice and soybean Milk was flavoured by salt and green onion, then deep fry 10 seconds to a cake.

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