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Gaobei Earth Building Group

Gaobei Earth Building Group Travel Guide

Gaobei Earth Building Group is a well-protected Hakka architecture group located in Gaobei Village, Gaotou Town, Yongding County/District, Longyan City of Fujian Province. Earth Buidling also be called Tulou in Chinese, they were built by earth and firm like a castle. Hakka people in this area used the tulous defense robbers and other enemies.
Now in Gaobei, except "King of Tulou" Chengqi Earth Building (further information about Chengqi Tulou please check the travel guide of "Chengqi Earth Bilding"), there are dozens of earth buildings harmony with nature; such as:

Wuyuan Earth Building
It is a squared and non rock foundation tulou which was built during Emperor Qinglong of Ming Dynasty (1567 - 1572 AD). It is the oldest squared eath building in this area.

Shize Earth Building
It is also an historical tulou (built in 1565 AD)but was destroyed in war in 1929 and rebuilt in 1931.

Qiaofu Earth Building
A Young Tulou was built in 1962 by owner's oversea brothers, it is the representative  "new earth building" and "new manor". The architecture combinate Chinese and Western styles. Ther are 11 residents of Qiaofu Tulou got their doctor degree, so the Qiaofu Tulou also be called "Doctor Tulou".


You could take our private travel vehicle there. Or take long distance bus from Xiamen to Gaotou Town, and change local bus to Gaobei Village.

Shize Earth Building in Gaobei

Shize Earth Building in Gaobei

Qiaofu Earth Building in Gaobei

King of earth buildings Chengqi Tulou

Historical Wuyun Earth Building

Wuyun Earth Building is without rock foundation.

Ground floor of Chengqi Earth Building

Local people still live in the earth buildings.

Beautiful roofs of Chengqi Tulou in Gaobei

Wine Shop in Gaobei Tulou

Ancestral Hall of Chengqi Earth Building

Rock foundation and earthen wall of a Tulou

Local residents live in Gaobei tulou

Entrance of Wuyun Earth Building

Inner of Wuyuan Tulou

Roofs of Shize Earth Building

Shops in Shize Earth Building

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