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Hongkeng Earth Building Group

Hongkeng Earth Building Group Travel Guide

Hongkeng Earth Building Group is located in Hongkeng Village, Hukeng Town, Yongding County/District, Longyan City of Fujian Province. from the 13th Century, Lin Family star their lineage here, till year 2000, there are 638 small families and more than 2300 Lin Family members live in the earth buildings here.
The oldest earth building built (in the 13th century) Congyu Earth Building and Nanchang Earth Building have collapsed. Now, the existing earth buildings includ 13 Ming Dynasty built and 33 Qing Dynasty built. Except Earth Buildings, you will see Lin Family's lineage architectures here, such as Lin Family's Ancestral Hall, Rixin Academy(School), Temple of the Queen of Heaven, Guandi(Kwan Kung) Temple.

Here we intruduce you some pop earth buildings in Hongkeng:
Zhencheng Earth Building
It is also called "Price of Earth Building" be built in 1912. Its architecture is hanging beam structure, there are inner and outer two rounds. outer round has 4 floors and 48 rooms in earch floor, built with the idea of Eight Trigrams. The style of Ancestral Hall with the elements of Eastern and Western.

Rusheng Earth Building
It is also called "Pocket-Size Earth Building" which was built in 1910. the diameter of ground floor is only 8 meters.

Fuyu Earth Building
A representative of "Mansion Style of Earth Building". This earth building is built by 3 brothers (Lin Zhongshan, Lin Renshan, and Lin Deshan), they use more than 100,000 Guangyang (about 310,000 USD nowadays) to finish this gorgeous earth building 1880 - 1883.

Kuiju Earth Building
It was built in 1834 - 1839, with about 160 years history till now.


Private Vehicle offer by Discover China Tour is recommended. Or you could take long distance bus from xiamen to Hukeng Town, and transfer local bus to Hongkeng Village.

DCT Tips:

You could stay one night in Hongkeng, because there are so many interesting things here.

Zhencheng earth building in Hongkeng Village

Zhencheng earth building in Hongkeng Village

The river cross Hongkeng tulou group

Drying persimmon cake in front of Kuiju Earth Building

The hall of Zhencheng Earth Building

walking in Hongkeng Earth Building Group

Beautiful Fuyu Earth Building

A pool of Hongkeng Village

A wine Shop and hotel in Hongkeng

Inner of Kuiju Earth Building.

Ancestral Hall and Platform Stage of Kuiju Tulou

Temple of Queen of Heaven in Hongkeng

Local medicine in Hongkeng

Look at the courtyard from Earth Building

Overview of Fuyu Earth Building

Palatial Fuyu Earth Building in Hongkeng

Enjoy sun and peace in front of Fuyu Tulou

Inner of Little Rusheng Earth Building

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