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Peitian Ancient Village

Peitian Ancient Village Travel Guide

Peitian Ancient Village isĀ  also called "the folk of Forbidden City", it is another style of Hakka architectures with 800 years history. The residents in the village now are all with the family name "WU", they are really friendly and helpful.

Peitian Ancient Architectures Group include 30 mansions, 21 ancestral temples, 6 schools, 2 academies, 4 temples, 2 memorial archway, etc. They all really well-protected in this hakka village with about 1000 residnets. The Rongen Menorial Archway is on the south gate of Peitian Village, it was built in the perior of Emperor Huangxu (1871 - 1908) during Qing Dynasty, for commending Imperial Bodyguard, general Wu Bazhen who had came from Peitian. "Rongen" is Chinese Charactor means "bestowing from emperor in ancient China".


Except taking Discover China Tours' private vehicle, you could take long distance bus from Xiamen City to Liancheng County, and change local bus to Peitian Ancient Village.

Rongen Menorial Archway

Rongen Menorial Archway

Overview of Peitian Ancient Village

A Ancestral Hall in Peitian Ancient Village

Stone Lion in front of a house

A mansion and stone flagpole

A deer and a crane made by cobblestones in the village

A sunny afternoon in Peitian

Plaque in a academy

Lovely puppies and their mom

A conner of Peitian

A Stage in Peitian Village

An Alley of Peitian

Prepare for Ploughing Festival

Prepare for Ploughing Festival 1

Paper made chinese dragon

Beautiful Peitian Ancient Village

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