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Yongding Earth Building

Yongding Earth Building Travel Guide

Earth Buiding in Chinese is called "Tulou". It is a unique montanic residential building on mountains of west Fujian Province. And Yongding County/District of Longyan City has the most tulous in Fujian. There are more than 23000 earthen buildings in Yongding. In 2008, Yongding Earth Building joined the World Heritage List.

There are 5 main tulou scenic area(villages) in Yongding, they are:
Hongkeng Tulou/Earth Building Group
Gaobei Tulou/Earth Building Group
Chuxi Tulou/Earth Building Group
Zhongchuan Ancient Town
Nanxi Tulou/Earth Building Valley (also named Nanxi Tulou Great Wall)

Besides, the representative of Yongding Earth Building include:
* The earliest existing Tulou - Fuxin Earth Building in Xiazhai Village of Hulei Town.
* The King of Tulous - Chengqi Earth Building in Gaobei Village of Gaotou Town.
* The Prince of Tulous - Zhencheng Earth Building in Hongkeng Village of Hukeng Town.
* The Princess of Tulous - Zhenfu Earth Building in Xia Nanxi of Hukeng Town.


The Tulous in Yongding are seperated in different villages, except take our private vehicle service, you could take local bus between villages.

DCT Tips:

There are so many Tulous here in Yongding, before you come, you had better choose where to go before you order a program.
The 5 main tulou scenic area are with different entrance tickets, you could by seperated, or a coupon.
Hongkeng Tulou Group: CNY90/Person
Gaobei Tulou Group: CNY50/Person
Zhenfu Tulou: CNY50/Person
Hongkeng + Gaobei: CNY120/Person
Hongkeng + Gaobei + Zhenfu: CNY140/Person
Other coupon tickets are seasonal, please contact us for further information.

Zhencheng Tower - the Prince of Round Buildings
Zhencheng Tower, known as the "Prince of Round Buildings", is the most gorgeous.

Zhencheng Tower - the Prince of Round Buildings

Zhencheng Tower, known as the "Prince of Round Buildings", is the most gorgeous.

A Inner of Tulou in Hongkeng Village

Local people live in Tulou in Yongding

Kuiju Earth Building in Hongkeng

Walking in Hongkeng Village of Yongding

Making dried persimmon is important in Tulou Area

A birds view of Gaobei Tulou Groups

Take a close look of Earth Building

A birds view of Chuxi Earthen Building Groups

Walk in Chuxi Village of Yongding

The kitchen of Tulou family

A conner of Tulou

The king of Tulou - Chengqi Earth Building

Chengqi Tulou has 4 rounded buildings

Here is the center of Chengqi, the Famely Temple

Every small family in Tulou has own kitchen on the first floor

The appearance of Chengqi Earth Building

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