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Penha Hill

Penha Hill Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Penha Hill is the third highest among the hills in Macau. Penha Hill is 62.7 meters above sea plane. Known as the Bishop´s Hill in the annals of colonial history, this leader amongst the popular destinations in Macau is identical with the city's colonial clout and authority. Forts, buildings, residences of the Penha hill are wonderful sights.

Macau's tall ranked officials, socialites and the famous ones reside at Bishop´s Hill. This makes Penha Hill become one of must-see sights in Macau.

There is a Church named The Penha Church on crest of the hill dates back to 1622. It was built by a group of Augustinian followers and dedicated to Our Lady of Penha. Existence of this monument in fact named Penha Hill as Bishop's Hill.

Because its altitude, Penha Hill has dominated the Macao skyline for more than three centuries. It is the most featured scenery in the paintings of Macau by the renowned British artist George Chinnery. Each year on the eve of Easter festival the statue of Mary is taken from St Dominic Chapel to Penha Hill. The Macao harbor is on the western side. Penha Hill in Macau is often viewed as a span that spreads from the towering Gua hill and connects the near by Barra Hill on the southwest. Over looking the Praia Grande hillock, the famed hill offers the most pleasant view of Macau peninsula.

There are some market hotels and restaurants around Penha Hill. You can sit in the open air cafes there and enjoy the grand view of harbor and hills in Macau and pamper yourself with best of Macanese cuisines, and also you can plan your Macau tour and take pleasure in the scenic spots in the isles of Macau, China, Asia. Just enjoy yourself.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.

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