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Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden

Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden Travel Guide

Mengbanaxi indicates beautiful, amazing and rich. Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden, located in northeast of Luxi city, is an AAAA state-level scenic spot. Now, it has become a rare national ecological garden with elegance, exotics and uniqueness.

More than that, Mengbanaxi Exotics Garden is also a gathering of valuables ancient trees and tree fossils. This garden has many national top records which attract the countless tourists every year. Such as the oldest age of ancient tree, the most quantity of ancient tree and the best quality of those ancient trees. Inside the park, many valuables rare trees and flowers are well planted. So when you are being in the garden, you just feel like you are taking a time machine and go back to thousands of years ago. Taking a walk in the garden, your eyes would be caught by two remarkable buildings: one is White Dragon Pavilion, symbol of Dai’s Water Splashing Festival; another one is also a symbol of a festival, Jingpo’s Munaozong Song Festival. The picture in your eyes demonstrates a scenery of north-eastern Dai’s culture. The garden protect and preserve lots of precious plants, at the same time, it offers the classic tourism services as well. Every year, tourists at home and abroad come to visit the garden beyond counting. As long as they enter the garden, they can sense the strong surroundings of rainforest and special local culture, While the Mengbanaxi Exotics Garden is not only a place for relax, but also a paradise for the scholars to dig in their research. Imagining thousands of ancient trees are planted in this garden, what kind of scientists could still stand calmly? This garden is absolutely a great combination of academy and enjoyment.  


self-driving: 1. To the west, 130 meters ahead to South Huashan Road. 2. In Huashan South Road, turn right 190 meters. 3. Turn left at the Cross 1, head the West Huashan road about 210 meters 4. In the middle Renming Road, turn right around 950 meters.

Mangbanaxi Bamboo Grove and wooden houses
Bamboo Grove in Mangbanaxi Garden

Mangbanaxi Bamboo Grove and wooden houses

Bamboo Grove in Mangbanaxi Garden

mengbanaxi garden, mangbanaxi pagoda

Mengbanaxi Exotics Garden

Mengbanaxi Exotics Garden is also a gathering of valuables ancient trees and tree fossils

Rickery in Mengbanaxi Exotics Garden

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