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Pagoda in Tree

Pagoda in Tree Travel Guide

This pagoda was built with brick, with the height of around 10 meters and the shape of octagon. The pagoda was used for memorizing a victory of a war, and had a history of more than two hundred years. After a considerable period of time, the bricks cracked. Inside the pagoda, dust was accumulated and a grain of banyan seed was dropped by bird or wind. Then the pagoda was swallowed slowly by this tree. Now the banyan tree has already reached the height of 30 meters, and has covered the area of almost 1000 square meters. When you come to see the Pagoda in Tree, you would no longer care whether it is a tree or a pagoda, because this combination is rather rare to see, even in the world. 

About Pagoda in Tree, there is a romantic story about that. In Qing dynasty, the emperor was selecting the concubine in folk. A gorgeous girl Hanlun was chosen, but her heart was already taken by someone. So she wrote a letter in leaf and sent a parrot to deliver hers to the one she loved, Yantun. When the time Yantun received the leaf letter, he was fighting a war. Yet he still hurried back to the village without any hesitation. When Yantun reached the village, he saw a picture of villagers hosting a funeral for Hanlun. Yantun was so devastated that he committed a suicide. The villagers were touched by their love and buried them together. Meanwhile, they built a pagoda to memorize this romance. The parrot lost its masters. It flied to the top of the pagoda days by days, and dropped a banyan seed in the pagoda. With days passing, the seed was growing up. In the end, the tree was huge enough and swallowed the pagoda, a picture of Pagoda in tree. So the Pagoda in Tree is also a symbol of romantic love in locals.


In downtown, could be reached by foot. Or take the taxi, which would take around CNY 5.

Pagoda in Tree was grew up into a large Banyan tree after hundreds years
Mangshi Pagoda in Tree

Pagoda in Tree was grew up into a large Banyan tree after hundreds years

Mangshi Pagoda in Tree

Four exotic animals and small pagodas were built under the Pagoda in Tree

Pagoda under Large Banyan Tree

Pagoda in Tree is also a symbol of romantic love in locals

Exotic Animals under the pagoda

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