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Qingxiu Mountain

Qingxiu mountain Travel Guide

The Qingxiu mountain range is the green lung of Nanning City. Located 5 kilometers (about 3.1 miles) southeast of the suburbs of Nanning and bordering the Yongjiang River, the mountain range is renowned for its beauty and the clear waters which run through it. It is no wonder they are counted as one of the Eight Wonderful Sceneries of ancient Nanning. The undulating chains of mountains, verdant trees, liquid springs and historic sites together make Mt. Qingxiu a good place to meet the charm of antique taste and tranquility. Mt. Qingxiu, or Taiqing Peak, is made up of 18 peaks including Qingshan Peak and Phenix Peak. The range covers a total area of 4.07 square kilometers (about 1.6 square miles), including water area of 14,667 square meters (about 17,542 square yards) and greenbelt area of 25,000 square meters (about 29,901 square yards). Because of the many lakes and the emerald green trees on the mountains, Mt. Qingxiu is the primary source of fresh air for the downtown Nanning area. Accordingly, it earned the name the lung of Nanning. The main sights in Mt. Qingxiu are ancient Longxiang Tower, Cycads Garden, Tianchi, Yaochi, Sanbao Hall and Thailand Garden etc., each of them deserves an essential visit.


Bus No.W8 to South Gate of Qingxiushan bus station;
Bus No.32, 72, B10 to North Gate of Qingxiushan bus station;
Bus No. 33 to Fengling and Qingxiu crossing bus station;
Bus No. 72 to South Fengling and Qingxiu crossing bus station.

Qingxiu Mountain 1

Qingxiu Mountain 1

Qingxiu Mountain 2

Qingxiu Mountain 3

Qingxiu Mountain 4

Qingxiu Mountain 5

Qingxiu Mountain 6

Qingxiu Mountain 7

Qingxiu Mountain 8

Qingxiu Mountain 9

Qingxiu Mountain 10

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