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Changping Valley (of Mt. Siguniangshan Scenic Area)

Changping Valley Travel Guide

From the entrance of Changping Valley, there are only 22 km to the foot of Mt. Siguniang, here the vally which is the closest to Mt. Siguniang. Here you could not only enjoy amazing view, but also experience horse riding on Tangbai Ancient Path, which is an important trade path in Ming and Qing Dynasties (more than 200 years ago).

Useful Information of Changping Valley:
Altitude: about 3000 - 3500 meters
Openning: all day
Location: about 2 km east to Mt. Siguniang Town (also called Ri Long Town), Xiaojin County of Ngawa.
Suggested touring time:1 - 2 day(s)
Best season: autumn (colourful leaves)
Ticket price:
Peak season (Apr. 1 to Nov. 30): RMB70/person
Slack season (Dec. 1 to next Mar. 30): RMB50/person
Travel tips:
1. There is no shuttle bus in Changping Valley, you could: hiking or horse riding.
2. from the Entrance to Lamasery (7km), you could take shuttle bus (CNY20/person). by the side of Lamasery, there is a horse rent company, you could make up your mind to choose hiking or horse riding. The price of the horse riding depends on the distance you ride (CNY50 - 200 for mormal tour, for camping or other special request riding, please contact us).
3.The distance is 15 km from Lamasery to the last destination Muluozi (Wood Mule), from Lamasery to Kumutan (Death Wood Beach) is 10 km, you could hike on a wood path and the horse riding will on  another packway (2 hours riding from Lamasery to Kumutan).
4. from Kumutan to Muluozi is 5 km, only mud road, horse and visitors use the same road. It is muddy after rain.
5. The wood path from Lamasery to Muluozi is easy to every visitors.
6. You could camp in Muluozi campsite, but please note, camping permit should be arranged in advance, and the camping ticket is RMB150/person.
7. There is no restaurant in the valley, we suggest you to take some food and beverage.
8. Temperature difference is large and ultraviolet ray is strong.

How to camping in Changping Valley?
(The campsite Muluozi is just on the foot of Mt. Siguniang, sleeping with the snow mountain and starry night will be a night to remember.)
1. You need to apply a permit from Changping Valley Outdoor Management Center (in visitor's center in town), and by a outdoor ticket CNY150/person.
2. You should take your tent and sleeping bags (temperature scale -5 to -20 degree centigrade, depend on different season), food and beverage, and other outdoor outfits.
3. Even in midsummer, the temperature at night will go down to 0 degree centigrade.
4. The day and night temperature difference is large (15 to 20 degree centigrade), and really strong ultraviolet ray in the day time, please keep warm and protect your skin.
5. from Lamasery to Muluozi, there are 15 km hike road/ horse road (could not get there by car), you could rent a horse to carry your outfits.

Brief introduction on Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley Trekking
It is a ancient trade road named "Tangbai Ancient Road" with 111 km from Changping Village in the entrance of Changping Valley to 309 Tree Farm in the entrance of Bipeng Valley. the altitude is from 4000 - 4600, and it will take you 3 - 4 days.
The difficulty of this trekking is the puerto between two valleys, its aultitude is 4668 m and there are lots of detritus.
Further information about this trekking, you could find the program in Discover China Tour's products.
Keywords of this trekking:
1. Permit (outdoor permit from management centers in visitor's center in town both in Changping Valley and Bipeng Valley).
2. Mountaineers (You must employ a local mountaineer and horse to help you on this program).
3. Keep warn (during your trekking and camping, sleeping bags should be temperature scale -5 to -20 degree centigrade).
4. No signal (parts of the trekking, your cellphone could not get any signal).
5. Standard manual+ (you need enough physical strenth for facing the 4668 m puerto and this highland trekking).


Only 2 km from Mt. Siguniang Town to Entrance of Changping Valley.

DCT Tips:

Temperature difference is large and ultraviolet ray is strong.

Wood path in Changping Valley, from Lamasery to Kumutan.

Wood path in Changping Valley, from Lamasery to Kumutan.

Lamasery, where you could rent horse here.

A waterfall on your way.

A beautiful tree on your way.

The main peak of Mt. Siguiang. We call it

A snow mountain named

Famous Kumutan, which means Death Wood Beach.

Ride horse in Changping Valley.

Old trees and snow mountain.

Stream on your way from Wumutan to Muluozi campsite.

Muluozi campsite.

One more amazing view of Mt. siguniang from Changping Valley.

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