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Haizi Valley (of Mt. Siguniangshan Scenic Area)

Haizi Valley Travel Guide

Haizi Valley is the most undeveloped spots in the 3 valleys in Mt. Siguniang Scenic Area (the other two are Changping Valley, Shuangqiao Valley). from the entrance, you will star your trekking or horse riding. There are two parts of views, the forepart is the entrance to Laoniuyuanzi Protection Station, you could enjoy alpine meadow view here, and Chaoshanping in this section is the best point for taking full view of Mt. Siguniang; and here is also the place local Tibetan pepole hold Paying Respects to Mt. Siguniang Festival in every lunar May 5th.

From Laoniuyuanzi, up the mountain is the direction to base camp of Mt. Daguniang (No.1 peak of Mt. Siguninang, which is the lowest peak of 4 peaks, hight is 5025 M) and Mt. Erguniang (No. 2 peak, hight is 5276 M); and down the mountain is the way to Dahaizi Lake Campsite. from Dahaizi along the valley, you could trek/ride to Huahaizi Marsh, Blak Lake, Moon Lake, Rhinoceros Lake, Double Lake, etc. Most of the visitors will stop at Huahaizi Marsh, if you would like to discover further alpine lakes in Haizi Valley, you will spend more than 2 days camping in the valley.

Useful Information of Changping Valley:

Aititude: 3100 - 4300 m (No. 2 peak base campe)

Openning: all day

Location: about 2 km east to Mt. Siguniang Town (also called Ri Long Town), Xiaojin County of Ngawa.

Suggested touring time:1 - 4 day(s)

Best season: July - Autumn (flowers seasons)

Ticket price:

Peak season (Apr. 1 to Nov. 30): RMB60/person

Slack season (Dec. 1 to next Mar. 30): RMB40/person

Travel tips:

1. No shuttle bus in Haizi Valley, only trekking or horse riding.

2. Haizi Valley is the only route to base campe of No. 1 peak and No. 2 peak of Mt. Siguniang (Dafeng and Erfeng). from the entrance to No. 2 peak base camp is around 20km up mountain path.

3. Laoniuyuanzi Protection Station (altitude: 3680 M) is the last store in Haizi Valley and the node to base camps or alpine lakes.

4. You could camp in Laoniuyuanzi or Dahaizi Lake campsite, and here you should also apply campe permit in visitor's center in town and buy RMB150/person camping ticket in advance.

5. Mountaineering should apply a permit in visitor's center too. And rent high elevation guides is a must. Also, horses for ride or carry your moutaineering outfits should be take into consideration in advance.

6. The horse rent company is near the entrance, for normal tour, the horse riding fee:

(1) Entrance to Chaoshanping or Guozhuangping RMB50/horse (40 minites single way)

(2) Entrance to Laoniuyuanzi RMB100/horse (4 hours single way)

(3) Entrance to Dahaizi Lake RMB150/horse (5 hours single way)

7. There is no restaurant in the valley, we suggest you to take some food and beverage.

How to arrange mountaineering Mt. Siguniang?

No. 1 peak and No. 2 peak of Mt. Siguniang is introductory course for snow shoeing. Now mountaineering No. 2 peak(hight is 5276 M) is popular to mountain-lovers. But before the brief introduction, we should declare: Respect your life, if you do not have enough practising and preparation, do not try mountaineering.

Keywords of this mountaineering:

1. Permit (should be apply in advance in outdoor managerment center of Mt. Siguniang).

2. High Elevation Guides (to ensure your safety, RMB150/guide/day).

3. Horse (Rent horses RMB150/horse/day not only for your mountaineering outfits carring, but also for you to ride after down the mountain, out of energy).

4. Keep Warn and Safe (temperature scale -20 degree centigrade sleeping bags is a must when you camping in the base camp; and except normal mountaineering cloths,medicines and outfits, alpenstocks for two hands and crampon is a must).

5. 4700 - 5000 M (the long and hard snow and stone mixture section, and the climbing angles is more than 60 degree).

Further beautiful views and mountaineering program, please find the line in Discover China Tours Mt. Siguniang tour packages. And if you would like to camping in Haizi Valley, please also find the program in Mt. Siguniang tour packages.


2 KM to Rilong Town. Only up and down moutains trekking or horse riding in the valley.

DCT Tips:

undeveloped, do enough preparation before you visit this valley. You will have fun because it is so native.

Full view of Mt. Siguniang in Chaoshanping of Haizi Valley.

Full view of Mt. Siguniang in Chaoshanping of Haizi Valley.

Meet a happy dog playing by t he side of Dahaizi Lake.

Huahaizi Marsh, 1 hours trekking from Dahaizi Lake.

Horse riding to Chaoshanping.

Dahaizi Lake become a frozen haizi in the winter.

Sunset of Mt. Siguniang, phone in Chaoshanping.

Flowers on the way from Dahaizi to Huahaizi.

Yak mon and baby.

Laoniuyuanzi Protection Station.

Autumn of Haizi Valley.

Horses are important for travelling in Haizi Valley.

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Tips before depart to Mt. Siguniang

Tips for regular visitors to Mt. Siguniang on Itinerary planning, accommodations,transportations, tickets, permits, clothing and medicines.

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