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Mianshan (Mountain Mianshan)

Mianshan Travel Guide

To visit Mianshan, you could not only enjoy splendid mountain view, but also discover the Cool Food Festival culture in China. Further more, palaces and temples are also treasures to visitors.

The main scenic spots include:
Longtou Temple Scenic Area
There are many ancient sites in Longtou Temple Scenic Area, such as South Sky Gate, Zhenwu Temple, Guanyu Temple. And here is the best spot for enjoy cloud sea, sun-rise and sun-set in Mianshan.

Health Maintenance Culture Garden
Here you could discover Chinese traditional Taoist maintenance culture: practicing method and diet method; except that, military culture in Tang Dynasty is exhibited here.

Daluo Palace Scenic Area
The Daluo Palace was built on the mountainside cliff, the architectures cover an area of 30,000 square meters, the tallest building is over 110 meters. There is no record about the founding of Daluo Palace, but there are a legend -- the king of Jin Kingdom (in Spring and Autum Period, 770-476 BC)build the Daluo Palace to cherish the memory of the meritorious minister Jie Zitui, the king announced that the day before Tomb-Sweeping Festival was Cool Food Festival, to memory Jie Zitui. And as time goes on, the Daluo Palace now is a Taoist Palace for Cool Food Festival discovery and a good location for enjoying view.

The over-bridge is 300 meters long and 1 meter wide on the cliff, 80 meters to the top of the mountain and 300 meters to the foot, the cloudsea will make you feel like immortal walking on the cloud.

Yunfeng Temple

The temple was first built in Three-Kingdom Period, with more than 1700 years history. It is a Buddhist temple on a huge cave (180 meters long, 50 meters deep and 60 meters high).The sculptures and inscriptions in Yunfeng Temple are from Tang to Ming Dynasty. Except the temple, Iron Chain ridge plank road is the highlight, it was built for hanging praying bell.

DCT Tips:

We normally arrange one day tour from and back to Pingyao. There is only one hotel on the Mountain, it is 3-star hotel; if you could like to have further culture discovery or photo taking, you could stay on the mountain for 1-2 nights

Mianshan (Mountain Mianshan) 1

Mianshan (Mountain Mianshan) 1

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