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Laoshan Travel Guide

Laoshan, 30km from the downtown of Qingdao, is a well-known scenic area for its Taoist Temples.
Everybody who has been to Laoshan will find its characteristic: no matter how high the mountain is, you can see water on it. Famous springs are everywhere on the mountain: the Tian Yi Spring at the top of Jufeng Peak, the Shenshui Spring of Taiqing Hall, the Shen Shui Yang of Shangqing Palace and so on.
It is said that if you have a kind of disease that couldn´t be cured for years, you may try the spring water from Laoshan. If you´re traveling around Laoshan, don´t miss its magical spring water.
The Steve is the existent best kept and carved one at Laoshan. On northeast part of the bridge, there stands the "Lion Hill", which looks like an angry lion. "Lion Hill hidden in the clouds" is a famous scenic spot of the Taiping palace at Laoshan.


Take the Bus No.123,312,106,107,110,311,365.

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