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Qinghai Attractions

Kumburm Monastery

Mar 30, 2016

Located in Huangzhong County, 26 kilometers from Xining, Kumburm Monastery was built during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Kumburm...

Liuwan Tombs

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction The Liuwan Tombs, located in Liuwan Village, Gaomiao Town of Ledu County, 80km from Xining, is the largest tombs of primitive China, which are well...

Longbaotan Nature Reserve

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction Located 80 kilometers northwest of Jiegu Town, the Longbaotan Nature Reserve is a long narrow basin hemmed in by mountains, with an area of 100...

Mengda Heavenly Pond

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction Located in the east of Jishi Town, Xunhua County, 190kms from Xining, the pond covers and area of 20hectares, and is 30meters in depth. This...

Nanzong Buddhist Nunnery

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction Nanzong Buddhist Nunnery is located in the area of Kanbula, where the religious cultures are very advanced. It is also the birthplace of Tibetan...

Qinghai Provincial Museum

Mar 30, 2016

Brief Introduction Qinghai Provincial Museum, located at No.4 Weimin Alleyway, Xining, displaying 10,000 exhibits, is a nice place for those curious about...