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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake Travel Guide

Qinghai Lake is called "blue sea" in Tibetan. Located in the northeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau and Qinghai Province, it is the largest inland lake in China. It is formed by the fault subsidence between Datong mountain, Riyue mountain and South Mountain of Qinghai.

There are several scenic spots in the Qinghai Lake: Er Lang Jian, Birds Islands and Sha Island, Sun and Moon Mountrain, Fairy Bay, canola, etc.

--Erlangjian scenic spot is located in the special geographical position of meandering deep into Qinghai Lake, with grassland, beach and animals as the main ecological natural resources, they also have rick local folk cultural activities.

--The birds islands of Qinghai Lake are named after the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds inhabiting the island. In fact, there are two islands, their real names are Haixishan in the West and haixipi in the East. Haixishan is the home of  Spotted goose, fish gull and brown neck gull; and Haixipi is the kingdom of cormorant.
To protect the ecology, the birds Islands were colsed in the summer.

--Sha Island is another home to migratory birds, so it is closed for ecology protecting reason after Aug. 2017.

--Sun and Moon Mountain, located in the east of Qinghai Lake, is an important boundary line in China's physical geography. It is also the boundary line between monsoon area and non monsoon area, between Loess Plateau and Qinghai Tibet Plateau, between agricultural area and animal husbandry area in Qinghai Province, and the only way to enter the Qinghai Tibet plateau. You could discover not only the view around Qinghai Lake, but also the communication cultres relic between Han and Tibetan people.

--Conola around Qinghai Lake. The conola season here is from June to October, and the blooming season are July and August. the yellow conola and the blue lake show you an amazing view.

--Fairy Bay is located on the North of Qinghai Lake, it is an important wetland, home to swans. It is popular with its gorgeous plateau meadow wetland and colorful Tibetan culture. Every autumn and winter, groups of big swans inhabit here.

--Tour qinghai lake international road cycling race. The race is from June to August of each year, it is held in Qinghai Lake area, Gansu Province and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. With the approval of the International Cycling Union, the lake race is 2.HC level, which is a multi day race of Asia's top cycling roads, the highest elevation international road cycling race in the world. The lake race is the largest international road cycling race in China with the most teams and the highest prize. The design of the competition route around the Qinghai Lake, which is vast in green waves. It also extends to the agricultural area in the east and of Qinghai, the Hexi Corridor in Gansu, and the Yellow River in Ningxia. The natural scenery along the race is magnificent and charming.

DCT Tips:

Opening: all day
The best season for canola is July and August.
Birds Islands and Sha Island are closed now for ecology protecting reason.

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