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Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain Travel Guide

The Qingyuan Mountain national scenic and historic interest zone is also a national AAAA tourist area. It is located on the northern outskirts of Quanzhou. Qingyuan Mountain, also known as Beishan Mountain, Quanshan Mountain or Qiyun Mountain, is 498 meters above sea level and occupies an area of 62 square kilometers. The scenic zone is composed of three parts: Qingyuan Mountain, the Tombs of Muslim Sages and Jiuri Mountain. Among the many spots of historical insignificance is a statue of Lao Zi from the Song Dynasty, a cliff carving of the “Third Incarnationof the Buddha” of the Tibetan Buddhism from Yuan Dynasty, the Tomb of Muslim Sages and pagoda of Buddhist monk Hongyi. There are deep caves in the mountain peaks.

Tombs of Muslim Sages

This Tombs of Muslim Sages on the southern side of Lingshan Mountain is a key historic site under the state protection. During the Wude Period (A.D. 618-626) OF THE Tang Dynasty, two disciples of Muhammad, founder of Islamism, came to Quanzhou to promote Islamism. They were buried on Lingshan Mountain after they died. There is a pavilion in the center of their graveyard. The store tops of their tombs are carved with lotus flowers to represent their noble integrity. A rock within the scenic area is said to have been placed there by a divine eagle. It sways when wind blows of when it is pushed. But it will not budge.

Jiuri Mountain
It is a key historic site of overseas communication in ancient China, now under the state protection. It is located seven kilometers from downtown Quanzhou. Local residents began to climb up the mountain for an outing on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month in 288, or the ninth year of the Taikang reign of the Western Jin Dynasty. THE CUSTOM HAS BEEN RETAINED UNTIL TODAY. There are seven dozens of inscriptions carved on stone tablets from the Song Dynasty. Before every voyage the boatmen would hold a ceremony to pray for suitable winds and carve a note about the event on a piece of stone. They are beautiful works of both calligraphy and carving. The mountain is more than 80 spots of interests are the “Piggy Rock, “Scripture-Lifting Rock”, “Rock of the Stone Buddha”, the Tomb of Jiangxiang and the Yanfu Temple.


Qingyuan Mountain is in the 6.1km north of Quanzhou, taking you about 20 min driving way.

Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Travel Guide
Summer of Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Travel Guide

Summer of Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Travel Guide

The beautiful lake at Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Travel Guide

Relaxing time at Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Travel Guide

The gate of Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Travel Guide

The statue of Lao Zi in Qingyuan Mountain

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