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Sanbao Dong Minority village

Sanbao Dong Minority village Travel Guide

Sanbao Dong minority village is known as the biggest Dong village in China which is the cradling of original and standard tone in Dong language. Sanbao Dong minority village has well preserved the primitive living ways, all household doing farming and weaving.

Sanbao Dong minority village is located at Chejiang townshiof of Rongjiang County in southeast Guizhou, 5 kilometers far only from Rongjiang to Sanbao. The village is formed of 19 small villages, with 2648 household of 13,197 populations. Sanbao Dong minority village is the biggest inhabitation of Dong people, with densely Dong populated in this area, mixed with Han people and other minorities.

Chejiang Ba area is the center of Sanbao Dong minority village on the river side of Chejiang, covering thousands miles fertile rice fields with triple cropping a year and a large group of ancient banyan tree stretching on the riverside, their branches and roots entwine with each other, which is rare in the world named as Ancient Banyan Tree spot.

Besides the marvelous banyan trees, Sanbao dong village has numbers of drum towers. Among the drum towers, the most remarkable one is “Sanbao drum tower” which built in Qing dynasty in more than 130 years now. The drum tower is in height of 35.18 meters and 21 storeys, covering 225 square meters of construction area but without any nails and rivets to stabilize the whole building. There are paintings and sculptures in the drum described Dong’s history, folk custom, and traditional garment since matriarchal society.

Regarding the traditional old Dong typical building, Sama Temple is wondrous and worth for visiting as well. Sama is the goddess of Dong people. Sama Temple could be found in mostly Dong village for their worship and belief. There is no statue in the temple, but a semi-fold paper umbrella in rubbles which is the symbol of Sama.


5km far from Rongjiang County to Sanbao Dong Minority villages.

DCT Tips:

Please respect the customs and habits in Dong village and follow tips that tour guide advised.

Dong girls in Rongjiang
Dong girls in Rongjiang

Dong girls in Rongjiang

Dong girls in Rongjiang

Among the drum towers in Sanbao dong village, “Sanbao drum tower” is the most remarkable one.

Among the drum towers in Sanbao dong village, “Sanbao drum tower” is the most remarkable one.

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