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Sanqing Mountain

Sanqing Mountain Travel Guide

This national AAAA scenic zone is located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, famous for its magnificent natural scenery. Its eastern side is precipitate, its western side bears a weird looks, its northern side is exquisite and its southern side is in a unique shape. The mountain presents an air of fairyland and for this it is called “Number One Fairy Mountain South of the Yangtze River”. In July 2008 Sanqing Mountain was put on the “World Heritage List”.

Giant Boa Rising from the Mountain
The unique sight is located at the foot of Yuhuangding Hill in the southern part of Sanqing Mountain. A long rock rises abruptly from a narrow and long, deep and secluded gully toward the sky like a giant boa, presenting a scary sight.

Spring Goddess
The 86-meter-high Goddess Peak is located to the east of the Jade Terrace at Southern Heavenly Gate on Sanqing Mountain at an altitude of 1,180 meters. It is covered with luxuriant trees and flowering plants and surrounded by oddly-shaped peaks. Its top is often shrouded in clouds and mist. A huge rock in front of the peak looks like a goddess watching the charming scenery in silence.

Goddess of Mercy Listening to Pipa Music

Walking through the Southern Heavenly Gate on Sanqing Mountain one sees an exquisite octagonal pavilion lines with glazed tiles. It is the best spot to appreciate the marvelous sight of “Goddess of Mercy Listening to Pipa Music”.

Jade Curtain Waterfall
Walking upward from Shiguling Power Station through a grove of trees in a quiet gully to the foot of Lion’s Head Hill one comes to the Jade Curtain Waterfall. The waterfall is 30 meters wide and has a drop of 34 meters. It is named Jade Curtain because its cascading water looks like a curtain of white jade beads.

Sanqing Palace
The ancient Taoist temple is the centre of ancient buildings on Sanqing Mountain. It is located in an alpine basin 1,532.8 meters above sea level. On its premises of 2,300 square meters, the gross floor area takes up 518 square meters. The grand palatial hall was rebuilt in the Jingtai Period (1450-1457) of the Ming Dynasty.


It is located between Yushan County and Dexing County.

DCT Tips:

Visiting Time: 1 day
Walking shoes is necessary.

Sanqing Mountain,Shangrao Travel Guide, Discover China Tours
Mist of Sanqing Mountain

Sanqing Mountain,Shangrao Travel Guide, Discover China Tours

Mist of Sanqing Mountain

Sanqing Mountain,Shangrao Travel Guide, Discover China Tours

Pine Tree at Sanqing Mountain

Sanqing Mountain,Shangrao Travel Guide, Discover China Tours

The unique hills just like the breast

Sanqing Mountain,Shangrao Travel Guide, Discover China Tours

a plank road built along the face of a cliff

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