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Lhamo Latso Lake

Lhamo Latso Lake Travel Guide

Lhamo La-tso, 50 km from Jiazha County of Tsedang, is the most legendary lake in Tibet, means a fairy lake or goddess lake. The lake lever is 5000 meters high, one of the fresh water alpine lakes in Tibet. The lake shapes like an ellipse with an area of one square kilometer, and looks like a mirror surrounded by mountains. In Autumn and Spring, the lake will freeze for about 7 months. In summer, the lake sometimes shows her peaceful appearance, sometimes rises waves without any breeze.

Although the lake is small, she plays a very important role in reincarnation system of Tibetan Buddhism, being highly respected by Buddhists. In every search for reincarnation soul boy for Dala Lama or Panchen, lamas come and view the lake, listen fortunetelling from the lake. It sounds very mysterious and legendary. But this is true. Every year, Dala Lama needs to come to the lake and make his pilgrimage. Every April to June of Tibetan calendar, lots of devout men and women come and pilgrimage to the lake. It’s said that each person may see his prolife and future from the shadow on the lake.


Non Chinese passport holder could not make independent tour in Tibet, you should join a group with guide to visit here.

DCT Tips:

Accommodation in Tsedang is preferrable but not so fine in Jiazha County. But camping is a good idea on the way hiking to the lake from Chokorgyel.

Equipement for camping: tent, moisture-proof pad, sleeping bag, head lamp, medicine, stove, match, sunscream.

Take bus from Lhasa or Tsedang to Jiazha County and take a private car to the Chokorgyel and hike to the lake
Snowy scenery of Lhamo La-tso

Take bus from Lhasa or Tsedang to Jiazha County and take a private car to the Chokorgyel and hike to the lake

Snowy scenery of Lhamo La-tso

It's an route out of beaten track hiking along Lhamo La-tos Lake in Tsedang

Hiking path to Lhamo La-tso

Spend two days and camp at Lhamo Latso from Lhasa or Tsedang

Pilgrimage to Lhamo La-tso

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