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Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden Travel Guide

Occupying an area of 23,300 square meters (about 5.8 acres), the Lingering Garden was first built in 1522, one of the four most famous classical gardens in China. It isĀ  seeks to create stunning natural landscapes within limited space.

The garden is separated into the middle, eastern, northern and western parts connecting with beautiful corridors of 700 meters long. Of the four parts, the central part is the essence of the whole complex.

This part was the original Lingering Garden while the other three were added during the Qing Dynasty. After going through winding corridors from the gate of the garden, one reaches the central part. The central part is consisted of the western part and the eastern part. The former features in pools and hills while classical buildings dominate the latter. In the eastern part of the garden the Celestial Hall of Five Peaks is the largest hall.

The overall construction of this garden has features with artificial hills, limestone of different shapes, exquisite pavilions and a plenty of attractive buildings.

For it beautiful scenery, in 1997 the garden was recorded on the list of the world heritage by UNESCO. It was reputed to Chinese four famous gardens together with Suzhou Humble Administration Garden, Beijing Summer Palace and Chengde Imperial Summer Resort.
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Lingering Garden 1

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