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Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill Travel Guide

Tiger Hill (Huqiu) is the most famous sight in Suzhou city, enjoying the reputation of "the first scenic spot in Wu area" by its imposing beauty. Tiger Hill (Huqiu) is the final resting place of the ruler of ancient Suzhou, He Lu. The area was named Tiger Hill as people believe a tiger has been seen lying on He Lu´s tomb. One of Tiger Hill´s most famous spots is Sword Pond (Jianchi).

He Lu was a famous warrior and sword collector and the Sword Pond is said to hold He Lu´s treasured swords in its watery depths.

Besides Testing Sword Rock, there are many types of scenery to enjoy such as Third Spring, Broken-Pillar-Hall and Mountain Villa Wrapped in Emerald Green.

With only 36 meters high and an area of 20 hectares, you might think it is an artificial hill, but its history can be traced back to 2500 years ago. The Tiger Hill Pagoda in the park is the landmark of Suzhou city.

It is hard to believe that the hill was man made to be the burial place of king but this is yet another part of the wonder that is China, a land that will never cease to amaze and enthrall the visitor with its heritage.
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