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Taiyuan Feature Food

Taiyuan Feature Food

Taiyuan's diet is inseparable from two kinds of ingredients: noodle and mature vinegar. For example, Sliced Noodles, Tounao, Guoyourou, braised Noodles, Guanchang, etc.

Sliced Noodles
The key of Sliced Noodles is "sliced". a skilful Sliced Noodles chef could make the nooled a little thick in the middle and thin on the both sides, just like a willow leaf, very chewy and tasty.

You could choose fry sliced noodles, soup sliced noodles, sliced noodles served with meat paste and gravy.


"Tounao" in chinese means "brain", and some restaurant translate it as "brain", but in fact, the ingredients in this dish are nothing about the brain. It is a local soup with flour, astragalus, lotus root, Chinese yam, mutton, yellow rice winne, vinasse of sweet sticky rice wine and sheep's tail oil. And you could add some pickled leek flower when you enjoy it. 


Guoyourou is a traditional local dish, the sliced pork should be deep-fry several second in a dee dryer, then, drain the oil, fry with agaric, mushroom and onion; the seasoning should be include muture vinegar, say sauce and salt.

Braised Noodles

The noodles are not cooked in boiling water, but on the top of fry long bean, sliced pork and other seasonal vegetables, braised till well-done.Of cause, some muture vinegar is a must when you enjoy it.


It is a snack make by buckwheat, always served with salt, garlic, mature vinegar and chili oil.

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