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Shanxi Museum

Shanxi Museum Travel Guide

The Shanxi  Museum is a local comprehensive museum of China. It was prepared in 1918 and opened to the public in 1919. Its initial name was the Educational Book Museum of Shanxi Province. Then it was changed successively into the PeopleĀ“s Education Hall of Shanxi Province in 1933, the Book Museum of Shanxi Province in 1949, and was finalized as the Shanxi Provincial Museum when combined with the Relics Hall of Taiyuan City in 1953.

The Museum also has a special exhibition of historical relics at the Chunyang Palace at the northwestern corner of the May 1st Square in the city. The Chunyang Palace, commonly known as Luzu Temple, is a Taoist temple for enshrining and worshiping

Lu Dongbing, a Taoist priest of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). People only know it was reconstructed during 1573-1620 in the Ming Dynasty but nobody knows when it was initially built.

The exhibition in the Chunyang Palace falls into ten categories, namely, ceramics, bronze, coins, colored glaze, sculptures, painting and calligraphy, embroidery, enamel, rubbing from stone inscription, and lacquer ware, totaling over 800 items arrayed in the 21 rooms for display. Also held in the Palace are exhibitions on special topics related to history, archeology, historical and cultural relics and natural samples.

DCT Tips:

Bronze wares over 2500 years history are the highlights of Shanxi Museum.

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