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Shuanglin Monastery

Shuanglin Monastery Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Shuanglin Monastery, originally named Zhongdu Monastery, is situated about seven kilometers southwest of the ancient city of Pingyao. It has stood there for 1,500 years since the North Wei Dynasty.

The most noteworthy artistic achievement in the Monastery is the colored figures which are displayed in ten halls. These halls, both large and small, are grouped around three courtyards, and house more than 2,000 exceptional painted Buddhist terracotta and wood statues dating back to the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

They represent the best of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The figures are vivid and remarkably true to life, ranging from Buddha, Bodhisattva, Heavenly Kings, and supernatural beings, to all kinds of mortals from the human world. They are reputed to be a "treasure reserve of oriental painted sculptures".


You can take the bus to Pingyao from station and then get there.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.

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