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Tianlongshan Grotto

Tianlongshan Grotto Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Situated 20 km in the southwest, the Tianlongshan Grotto was built in Tang dynasty and fined in Yuan dynasty, in the existing 8 caves, curved figures are the saints and the 7 Pupils of the Taoism Ancestor Wang Chongyang, so that it rates as the biggest Taoism grottoes nationally.

The design of fencing walls is dragon and Phoenix reflecting art and taste of the people then. for the mother of Emperor Tang Shuyu, the founder of State Jin, The temple rates as the Chongshan Temple built in Tang dynasty is the most capacity of scriptures of China´s Buddhism, totaling to 20 thousand volumes, 137 pieces of Baoshi Hua paintings of Ming dynasty´s frescoes are also stored there.

Furthermore, there is the most typical wooden architecture of Ming dynasty, the Da Beidian hall as well as the precious Ming dynasty´s sculptures Sanda Shi, Similar is another temple, the Chun Yanggong Taoism temple, which was built exclusively for the saint Lu Dongbin. Arrangement of galleries and pavilions represent very much the architecture and gardening art of the time. Stored there are also bronze sculpture of marshal Guan Yu´s horse.

It is also used as Shanxi Museum to display potteries, porcelains, bronzes wares, coins, sculptures, lacquers, enamel, colored glaze, calligraphy works and paintings of times.


Take the special bus from Jinci Temple to get there.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.

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