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Heshun Ancient Town

Heshun Ancient Town Travel Guide

Heshun, 3 miles away from northwest Tengchong of Yunnan Province, was named Wendun, but its name was changed into Heshun because a river flows along the town, which also means the harmony of people. Heshun residents are mainly Han people, around six thousands in total. The whole town was built way from east to west and extended to 3 miles around, surrounded by the mountains. Along the way, temples, ancestral hall, Ming and Qing-style buildings scattered around this tiny town.

Heshun, listed the first place in Top Ten China's Charming towns, is the only pass to West-south Silk Road. Different cultures and heavy history crisscross in this small county. Apart from that, the simplicity and purity of Heshun remains the same. Walking in the road of Heshun, is like walking into a picture of frozen time.

Today, the modern techniques have not affected Heshun too much yet. People in Heshun still enjoy their slow-paced lifestyle. Traditional Ming and Qing-style buildings are kept in this county. As a scenic area, Heshun town has many spots that worth of visiting. For instance, Ai Siqi Memorial, a place to re-walk the road that Ai Siqi a modern philosopher had walked; Heshun Library, one of the biggest Chinese town-style libraries, owns countless ancient masterpieces; Wenchang Palace, the source of Heshun local culture, is also an old school site. The aforementioned scenic spots are just a fraction of the whole picture of Heshun. Pacing around Heshun for several days, you would forget the modern noise.

After been through many great changes, Heshun People preserve those historical buildings with their own wisdoms. With the unique building style and special rural scenery, Heshun has gained its popularity of tourism at home and abroad. By the year of 2003, Heshun has been regarded by many magazines as” one of the fifty must-go places”.


Bus No. 60 from Chengdong Old Passengers Station in Tengchong County

DCT Tips:

The weather is warm in Heshun for whole year. But in winter or spring, it could be a little cold in morning and nights. So passenger had better check out the weathers before going.

Heshun can be reached by bus from Tengchong bus station
Heshun Dragon Pool

Heshun can be reached by bus from Tengchong bus station

Heshun Dragon Pool

Heshun's attractions are Heshun Library, Xiyi Pavilion, Shuanghong Bridge

Heshun Ancient Town

Kuige Pavilion, Wanlouzi and Liu family ancestral hall in Heshun ancient town

Wooden House at Heshun Town

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