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Rehai Hot Springs Area

Rehai Hot Springs Area Travel Guide

Rehai Hot Springs, 20 kilometers away from south-west of Tengchong County, with an area of 9 square kilometers, owns more than 80 hot springs groups. Step around here, you would be amazed by those steaming hot springs everywhere. Rehai Hot Springs, one of the three top geothermal zones, is rated as AAAAA state-leveled scenic area. Every hot spring in this area steams fluently, so the Rehai Hot Springs enjoy the high reputation among the tourists.

The most popular hot spring in Rehai is Dagunguo hot spring, which has diameter of 3 meters and height of 1.5 meters. The temperature of its depth can reach more than 100 degree Celsius. The water in Dagunguo is boiling no matter it is day or night, winter or summer. Now, lots of sanatorium, bathroom and entertainment places had been built completely in Rehai area. Tourists who search for fun and health come here and visit beyond counting.

Legend has it: Back in ancient time, the weather in Rehai could be rather freezing. People who lived here suffered a lot from the coldness. A kindly old man overcame a lot of obstacles to find a way warming Rehai. Then the god heard his voice, and granted him a magic bead and let him keep it in his mouth. Then the old man became very thirsty and drank up rivers, and finally, he turned into a dragon breathing fire. Every place he touched, hot springs appeared. Since that, Rehai become a rich place with warm weather.

Another wonderful specialty in Rehai is the local snacks, such as Ersi, Cafen and Xidoufen. If you get the chance to take a visit in Rehai, those snacks is something that you must taste. Rehai not only owns the remarkable scenery, but also has the natural hot springs which is way beneficial for health. When it comes to winter and you are still confused where to go, you can just take Rehai into your consideration.


Take the tourist bus in South Huancheng Road, which takes you CNY 5

DCT Tips:

1. Bring your own swimming suit.  
2. Large temperature difference between morning and evening. Passenger had better check out the weather before visiting.

Tengchong Rehai Dagunguo Hot Spring is highlight in Rehai Spot
Rehai Dagunguo Hot Spring

Tengchong Rehai Dagunguo Hot Spring is highlight in Rehai Spot

Rehai Dagunguo Hot Spring

Rehai and volcanic park is two geothermal spots in Tengchong

Rehai Hot Spring Bath

lots of sanatorium, bathroom and entertainment places had been built in Rehai

Hot Springs in Rehai

Rehai Hot Spring can be used to boiled eggs, potatoes and peanuts

Snacks Boiled in Hot Spring

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