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Emin Minaret

Emin Minaret Travel Guide

As the largest extant old tower in Xinjiang, Emin Minaret is the only Islamic tower among the hundred famous towers in China. The Emin Minaret (Emin Ta), just 2km east of Turpan, consists both a mosque and a minaret tower built in 1778 by the local Muslim ruler, Emin Hoja. Also known as Sugong Tower after Emin´s Chinese name, the minaret was built in a simple Islamic style.

It is circular, 44 meters in height, and 10 meters in diameter at the base. Unfortunately, the minaret is no longer open to the public in an effort to preserve the structure; however, you can view the surroundings from the roof of the mosque. As for the mosque, although it is rather bare inside, services are held every Friday and on holidays.


You can hire a minibus for the day and take in a few of the sights around the area.

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