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Grape Valley

Grape Valley Travel Guide

Lying at the base of the western end of Flaming Mountains is a world of unique with vineyards and fruit trees - Grape Valley.

The Grape Valley of the Flaming Mountains, fifteen kilometers from the city center, is a world of unique beauty, presenting a striking contrast with the hot, dry and barren outside.
Cushioned by green grass and graced with green trees, the valley is a world of green wit brooks, canals and sparkling springs; there is a poetic flavor to the idyllic beauty of the valley. Scattered everywhere in the valley are trees: mulberry, peach, apricot, apple, pomegranate, pear, fig, walnut, elm, poplar and willow; also watermelons and muskmelons, making the valley into a "garden of one hundred flowers" in spring and an "orchard of one hundred kinds of fruits" in summer.

Every year over 300 tons of raisins are made here. In the valley there is a reception center where dense grapevines interweave with each other and winding paths lead to secluded places with clusters of grapes within easy reach. Every August the sweet air will herald the vintage. The best place to enjoy the grapes is Grape Valley.

Enjoying the mellow grapes melts in your mouth and the Grape Valley will leave you an enduring memory.


You can hire a minibus for the day and take in a few of the sights around the area.

Grape Valley, Turpan Travel Guide
Delicous Grape in Grape Valley, Turpan

Grape Valley, Turpan Travel Guide

Delicous Grape in Grape Valley, Turpan

Grape Valley, Turpan Travel Guide

Local Beauty at Grape Valley,Turpan

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