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Wuhan cuisine belongs to “E Cuisine” of Hubei province, and is one of Ten Top New Cuisines in China, being in characterized of delicate appearance of dishes, in lightly spicy and strong tastes, delicate fish and delicious soup. The well-known local dishes in Wuhan are including Regan Noodles, Steamed Wuchang Fish, Fish bolls, Dongpo Pork, Lotus Root and Rib Soup and others.

Wuhan Hot and Dry Noodles
Chinese are keen to eating noodles; however, noodles in different places are in different flavor. Different o clod noodles and noodles in soup, Wuhan Regan Noodles is needed to stir with special sauce before eating, similar to Beijing Noodles with Soybean Paste, Beijing Style, but in different taste. It tastes a little dried, but with special fragrant of dried soybean. Dinner may be dislike the special flavor for first taste, but it is a kind of provincialism to Wuhan people and a symbol of Wuhan city.
Wuhan Regan Noodles.jpg

Steamed Wuchang Fish
If you are a gourmet, you may notice that there is special fish dish in most cities which is located nearby river, lake even sea. The special fish dish in Wuhan is Steamed Wuchang Fish. Wuchang fish is a kind carp originally in Hebei province, taste in fresh and sweet.
Steamed Wuchang Fish.jpg

Fish Bolls
With abundant resource of freshwater fishes, there are a great number of fish bolls in Wuhan. Fish bolls are in bright white color, tender, smooth and fresh sweet taste. Fish bolls are common dish in Wuhan restaurants. Tourists can easily find delicious fish bolls for your tour in Wuhan.
fish balls.jpg

Lotus Root and Rib Soup
Wuhan people are good at cooking soups especially Lotus Root and Rib Soup. Actually, a great number of high quality lotus roots are transferred from Anhui province and Suzhou province to Wuhan every year, possibly because of the great enthusiastic love of lotus soup of Wuhan people. If you happen to visit Wuhan in winter, you will smell the special soup fragrance from most restaurants and households around Wuhan. The lotus is soft and fresh, the soup is hot and sweet. It would be a very happy thing to take a hot lotus soup in cold winter.

Wuhan Duck Neck
Duck neck is a famous traditional snack in Hubei Province. It’s red after all complicated process, and the taste is spicy and salty and it numbs you month. it’s good for appetite and health because there are some Chinese herb in the material.
Wuhan Duck Neck.jpg

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