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Xiamen is the capital of Fujian province, located on the region between east longitude 117°53'—118°26' and north latitude 24°23'—24°54', on the southeast coast of China—the Southeast of Fujian Province, the estuary of Jiuklong River, neighboring to Zhangzhou city and Quanzhou plain on the land and the brink of the Taiwan Strait. Crossing the sea, there are Jinmen Islands, Taiwan Island and the Penghu islands. Xiamen city is covering an land area1565.09 square kilometers and sea area of 300 square kilometers, consisting of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Islet, coastal area of Jiulong River and Tongan, land area of, sea area of. It is an international harbor city in China.

Xiamen Island is largest island in Fujian province and the main part of Xiamen city having area of about 128.14 square kilometers with 13.7 km length from north to south and 12.5 km width from east to west. Xiamen harbor is an excellent natural harbor in length of 234km, without freeze period around a year, taking an important role for foreign trade from past to today.

The main residences in Xiamen are Han nationality which some of them known as Hakka, besides, there are over 20 minorities living in Xiamen including Hui, Manchu, Zhu, She, Miao and Gaoshan. Due to the special geography on coastal area and historical factors, there is a large number of Returned Overseas Chinese and their relatives and compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan dwelling in Xiamen. 
Here is the "Garden on the Sea" –Xiamen. The blue romance, green nature and freshness will surely give you endless memories and colorful experience. The famous sceneries are Gulangyu Islet, Sunlight Rock, Jimei School Village, Yongding Hakka Tulou, and so on.

Xiamen is rich in tour recourse of its blue romance, green nature and freshness which will surely give you endless memories and colorful experience. Gulangyu Island is reputed as the top beautiful spot in China and famed to be the "Garden on the Sea". The island has various buildings in ancient Chinese style as well as western style to rank the name of “exhibition of the world's architecture”. Gulangyu Island is also called as Piano Island because of music especially the piano music take an important role for residences here. Nan Putuo Temple is located on the feet of Wulao hill in the south of Xiamen Island. It is one of the ritual Buddhist resort in southern Fujian province boasting with exquisite Buddhist architecture, Buddhist relic and literature. Neighboring Nan Putuo temple, Xiamen University is one of the prettiest schoolyard. With proper layout and elegant appearance, Yongding Hakka Tulou is made of rammed raw earth, keeps harmony with nature and has ranked to the list of World Culture Heritage in July 2008.

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Xiamen Tour Guide

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