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Gulang Islet and Wanshi Mountain

Gulang Islet and Wanshi Mountain Travel Guide

Gulang Islet and Wanshi Mountain form a national 5A tourist area, and a national scenic and historic interest zone. The scenic zone of 230 square kilometers is located south of Xiamen Island, opposite Jinmen Island across a stretch of sea water. The hills on Gulang Islet are covered with lush trees and flowers all year round. For this the island is called "Garden on the Sea". Many buildings of Chinese and foreign architectural styles have been well preserved on the island. For this  the island is also called "Museum of Universal Architecture". Most of the buildings stand on the hillside with pleasant surroundings. In wanshi Mountain placid streams flow and exquisite peaks are covered with lush trees and dotted with buge rocks and lakes. Spots of interest in this scenic zone include "Heavenly Bell Ringing at Dawn", "10,000 Sky-high Tablets" and "Smiling stone of Peace".

Sunlight Cliffs

The Sunlight Cliffs found in the central-southern part of Gulang Islet are 92.68 meters high, the highest peak on the island. One cliff inclines against the other cliff. On top of the vertical cliff is the "Heavenly Wind Terrace" from where you can have a clear view of the urban area of Xiamen and Gulang Islet. The small yet exquisite Lianhua Nunnery stands under a huge rock. Other places of interests include the Lougtou Mountain Fortress, the Navy Drilling Terrace and the Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong. The Longtou Mountain Fortress was built by Zheng (1624-1662), a national hero living toward the end of the Ming Dynasty, to train his army. The fortress gate and camping site have been preservied. The Navy Drilling Terrace was where Zheng trained his navy force. The Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong was built in 1962. It is divided into seven sctions to display cultural relics, data, photos, sculptures and models related to the merits of Zheng Chenggong.

Shuzhuang Garden

Shuzhuang Garden at a bathing beach in the southern part of Gulang Islet was built in 1913 by Lin Erjia (1875-1951), a rich merchant from Taiwan, as his private villa. Known as "a pearl on the sea", it was converted into a park in 1955. In front of the park is the sea and on its back is Sunlight Cliffs. The park is divided into the "Garden Supplemented by the Hill" and the "Garden That Hides the Sea". The Garden Supplemented by the hill features an airtificial hill named "Twelve Cave Worlds" Zigzagging paths leads to 12 caves in the artificial hill. The Garden That Hides the Sea has a teahouse named Meishou Hall overlooking the immense sea.


Take Boat to Gulang Islet for about 5 mins.

DCT Tips:

It is too crowded to visit during main Chinese holidays, such as New Year's  Day (1st - 3rd Jan.), Labors Day (1st -3rd May), National Day (1st - 7th Oct.) and so on.

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Gulang Islet - 01

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the Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong

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Sunlight Cliffs on Gulang Islet

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