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Xian Attractions

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Mar 12, 2020

Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses are a part of Mausoleum of Chinese First Emperor Qin Dynasty Shi Huang´╝î with more than 2400 years history.

Huxian Farmer Painting

Mar 30, 2016

About 25 miles away from Xian city, Huxian County is famous as the home of farmer painting art. Bordering Qingling Mt. and Wei River, it has splendid landscapes and a...

Daming Palace

Mar 30, 2016

Daming Palace founded in 634 was one of the three main palaces in Changan city (Xian) in Tang dynasty. Most of the Tang dynasty emperors lived and handled the state...

Tang Paradise

Mar 30, 2016

The Tang Paradise which designed by expert Zhang Jinqiu, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is a cultural theme park demonstrating the glorious age of Tang....

Qin Epang Palace Resort

Mar 30, 2016

According to description of the article written by Tang famous poet Du Mu (803---852AD), the Epang Palace was a splendid and luxurious palace owned by the First...

Guanzhong Ancient Academy

Mar 30, 2016

The Guanzhong Ancient Academy (Guanzhong Shuyuan) is one of the "Four Ancient Academies" well preserved in China. This academy is bearing Ming and Qing Dynasties...