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Muslim Quarter

Muslim Quarter Travel Guide

The Muslim Quarter is one of the "must-see" in Xian. It starts from the Drum Tower and ends at the Beiyuanmen, totally 500 meters long. Snack is the main attraction in the street. Most of the Xian characteristic snack especially the Islamic snack can be easily found here. Many of them are very famous at home, and visitors won't miss the snacks when they visit Xian.

The mutton soaks the steamed bread is known as the "First Snack" in Xian due to its characteristic making and eating methods, of course, and its flavor. Many domestic high-ranking officials, famous stars and common tourists like it very much. If you plan to take it during your Xian travel, don't forget to ask the correct eating method. Only then such, you can savor the most typical Xian snack! In addition, the gravy-filled steamed dumplings, Islamic boiled dumplings, pickled cabbage fried rice and roast the beef or mutton etc. are very delicious, too. Famous restaurants in the street are 'Tongshengxiang', 'Laosunjia', 'Fangshangrenjia Barbecue', 'Jiasan Gravy-filled Dumplings', 'Huanggui Dry Persimmon' and so on.

Although Xian's main residents are the Han Nationality people, the main residents in the Beiyuanmen Muslim Quarter are Hui Minority people who believe in Islamism. In other words, the street is a good place to experience the Islamic life style as well as to taste snacks in Xian. You can always see several Hui Minority young fellows who wearing white caps roasting the beef or mutton along the street. It is easy to distinguish the Hui people from the Han people by their appearance and costume. Well, it is really amazing that the Hui people live here for more than a thousand years and still remain their unique social, cultural, economic traditions and religious belief. However, while maintains its own national tradition, it also absorbs some Han Nationality's outstanding culture. For example, the Great Mosque is a typical combination of Islamic culture and Chinese mainstream culture which is not far way from the street at Huajue Lane.
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